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Word: Occlude

Occlude [Verb]

Sentence: When your fear is so great that you resort to torture, it’s not toughness; it’s cowardice. And we all bear the burden of responsibility for these men, whose lives have become waking nightmares. It is important to remind ourselves of the cost when fear occludes our capacity to recognize the humanity of others who are far more like us than not. (Source: www.nytimes.com)

Meaning: To stop, close up or block off

How To Remember?

Occlude” rhymes with “Conclude“. You close up an event by concluding it. Remember thus!


Block; Choke; Clog; Congest; Obstruct.


Clear; Free; Open; Unblock; Unclog.

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Picture Credit: www.cbc.ca

[Protestors occluded a highway using burning tires!]

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