Tag: Antonyms

Word: Satiate

“Sati-ate” closely resembles “Sati-sfy”. Imagine yourself sitting and eating to your heart’s content till the time you are satisfied i.e., satiated. You can also remember “Satiate” by thinking of it as “Sat” + “Ate”. Remember thus.

Word: Buttress

The “Butt-ress” can be remembered by using “Butt” + “Rest”, “Butt” reminding ourselves of our buttocks. Imagine yourself sitting on small pillar to give your butt some support and rest. The pillar is thus acting as a buttress (noun) for your body. Remember thus.

Word: Xenophobia

Use the word-roots to remember this word. “Xeno” refers to “foreign origin”. The root itself looks alien, doesn’t it? And “phobia” refers to fear of something. Adding both of them together we get “Xenophobia” that refers to fear or dislike or prejudice against people from other countries.

Word: Pedantic

Imagine a football referee who is pedantic i.e., so concerned with minor rules or details that he would award your opposition team a penalty each time you touch the other team’s players even a little. How boring, ref! Remember thus.

Word: Conjure

You can remember the word “Con-jure” bu relating it to “Con Man” – a man who cheats or tricks someone by gaining their trust and persuading them to believe something that is not true. Imagine a con man cheating you by conjuring a document out of nowhere and making you believe his lies. How unethical! Remember thus.

Word: Legerdemain

The word “Legerdemain” should remind you of a “Legendary Magician” who by the sleight of her hand can make an entire building vanish! You know its a trick but its just so believable! Remember thus.