Tag: Antonyms

Word: Bandy

Imagine yourself in a cool band where you pass on information to each other in a casual manner just like that. Remember the phrase “bandied about” thus: The band members bandied about many urban myths just for fun.

Word: Badinage

Read “Badinage” as “Bad + In + Age”. Imagine yourself making a bad joke regarding the age of a friend in a harmless yet refined way. The friend does not mind the banter and laughs with you at the suggestion. Remember thus.

Word: Dabble

Imagine yourself throwing a flat pebble on water to make it skip. You just do it casually to have fun. You are serious about it! The word “Dabble” should remind you of that “Pebble”. When you take part in any activity in a casual or superficial way, that would mean that you are dabbling. Remember thus.

Word: Dawdle

The word “Dawdle” should remind you of someone who is not doing anything serious but is busy daydreaming and doodling, i.e., scribbling absent-mindedly. Dawdle, Doodle! Remember thus. (Psst! Nowadays, even doodling can be serious business.)

Word: Bugaboo

Think of “Bugaboo” as Bug + a + Boo. Now, imagine a cute, little bug that tries to scare you by shouting out “Boo!” But that cute little bug is no threat! It may just cause fear or distress out of proportion to its importance. Remember thus.

Word: Gauche

“Gauche” is pronounced like “Gowsh” that has similarities to “Gosh!”. Imagine someone so clumsy that you have to shout out at their gauche behavior out loud with the word “Gosh!” Remember thus.

Word: Virulent

The word “Viru-lent” should remind you of deadly viruses such as the coronaviruses. Such virulent viruses are extremely deadly just like the virulent people who would not think twice before harming you. Remember thus.

Word: Primordial

“Primordial” should remind you of a primitive primate such as the lemurs. The primitive primates have retained the characteristics of their ancestors from millions of years ago. They have not really changed or evolved. They have a raw and basic instinct. Remember thus.

Word: Zealot

“Zealot” can be thought of “Zeal”+ “Lot”. Imagine someone showing a lot of zeal, i.e., enthusiasm, so much so that he does not let others say or do anything. He just has his own way! For example, overtly religious people can be zealots – they would not care to listen to other people’s beliefs or lack of beliefs. Remember thus.