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Word: Buxom

Buxom (Adjective)

Sentence with Context:

In 2004, years before he was poised to become Britain’s next prime minister, Boris Johnson published “Seventy-Two Virgins.” His novel, which has sold more than 46,000 copies according to Nielsen Book Research, is a farce about a terrorist plot to assassinate America’s president during a state visit to Britain, featuring a contest reminiscent of reality television, much talk of buxom women and occasional mocking of Britain’s welfare policies.

Source: www.nytimes.com

It’s not just the film that worries Guido, though. He is beset by a plague of women, mostly buxom and/or bothersome: his mistress, his wife, his star, etc. 

Source: www.theguardian.com

Meaning: a plump woman, with a full figure and large breasts.


Busty, Voluptuous, Curvaceous, Large-breasted, Bosomy, Busty, Curvy, Shapely


Skinny, Petite, Bony, Lanky, Cadaverous, Haggard, Emaciated, Pinched, Skeletal, Scrawny, Slight

Mnemonic (Memory Aid): How To Remember?

The word “Buxom” should remind you of a Busty Woman. Imagine a big woman with big bosoms sleeping in a big box i.e., a buxom woman sleeping inside a big box. Remember thus.

Credits: www.deviantart.com (No offence to anyone!)

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