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Memorize and Learn the Usage of the Word: ACCOUTRE

Accoutre (Verb)

Sentence with Context:

The Island Maison, with its nautical inspired interiors that pays homage to explorers, serves as the perfect setting to the Louis Vuitton Pop-up store. Visitors will enjoy a display area set within a tropical ambiance, accoutred with retro-pop Kombi van and more.

Source: www.christianbassett.com

Meanwhile, for his Marc Jacobs collection, the designer accoutred his models in dark, well-mussed (presumably from time spent au lit) shag wigs and glamourpuss silk pyjamas in shimmery shades of gold and gunmetal.

Source: fashionmagazine.com

Meaning: Clothe or equip in something noticeable or impressive


Equip, Furnish, Gird, Outfit, Provision, Supply


Divest, Dismantle, Denude, Despoil, Derange

Mnemonic (Memory Aid): How To Remember?

Accoutre” should remind you of a friend who offers you “a Coat” so that you are well-dressed and equipped for the ball dance soon to take place. Remember thus!

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