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Word: Ambulatory

Ambulatory [Adjective]

SentenceAmbulatory surgery centers are already subject to the same type of rigorous government oversight and regulation as hospitals. Equally important, the doctors and nurses who work in these centers have the same education, training and credentials as those who perform surgery in hospitals. (Source: www.nytimes.com)

Meaning: Related to or adapted for walking; Also used to describe treatments in hospitals or care centers which do not require the patients to stay overnight

How To Remember?

Amble” means to walk at a slow, relaxed place. Thus, one can remember the word “Ambulatory“.

Or else, think about an ambulance that takes you for a minor surgery and brings you back the same day.


Ambulant; Perambulatory; Wandering; Wayfaring.


Immobile; Static; Stationary.

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[An Ambulatory patient or a walking mummy?]

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