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Word: Immutable

Immutable [Adjective]

Sentence: Mr. Newman repeated something that he has said to himself over and over again amid the debate in Washington: “Immigration laws are malleable, but the law of supply and demand is immutable.” The way he sees it, as long as there is growing demand for an informal labor market, there will be people to supply that work force. (Source: www.nytimes.com)

Meaning: That which does not or cannot be changed over time

How To Remember?

Mutants in superhero movies can change their forms. Also, mutation refers to change in gene structure which is one of the reasons shown for mutants being mutants in the superhero movies in the first place.

So, immutable should remind of shape- or form-shifting mutants who should remind you of “change”. Immutable, thus, is anything which does not change.


Indelible; Ineradicable; Undeviating; Static; Enduring.



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Mutant 1.gif

Gif Credit: media.tumblr.com

[Who better than Wolverine to remind you of the word “mutant“!]

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