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Word: Crotchety

Crotchety [Adjective]

Sentence: Most striking is that unlike many traditional grammar books, Clark’s reserves its scolding not for students of writing, but for teachers who harbor unduly restrictive views — “members of the crotchety crowd” who “tend to turn their own preferences about grammar and language into useless and unenforceable rules.” (Source: www.nytimes.com)

Meaning: Irritable; Showing or having the tendency to be annoyed easily; Cantankerous

How To Remember?

While the word “crotch” is used for forked roads or forks in rivers, it is also used to identify the part of the human body where the legs join the torso and its reference often includes the genitals. And if our “crotch” is hurt, we do become irritable, don’t we now?

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Picture Credit: nymag.com

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