Word: Conjure

You can remember the word “Con-jure” bu relating it to “Con Man” – a man who cheats or tricks someone by gaining their trust and persuading them to believe something that is not true. Imagine a con man cheating you by conjuring a document out of nowhere and making you believe his lies. How unethical! Remember thus.

Word: Legerdemain

The word “Legerdemain” should remind you of a “Legendary Magician” who by the sleight of her hand can make an entire building vanish! You know its a trick but its just so believable! Remember thus.

Word: Nadir

It may sound foolish but imagine yourself in a mess. You need help but no one is helping you out. They politely decline telling you “No, Dear!” (Those self-centred fools!) When you find no one to help you out, you would know that you have hit rock-bottom, your nadir. Thus, remember “Nadir” by equating it with “No, Dear!”