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Word: Redoubtable

Imagine a strong and persistent wrestler who does not give up. In a tough fight, it may seem that he/ she may give up but you have to think twice before doubting that because he/ she is formidable and resilient and does not easily give up. Remember “Re-doubt-able” thus!

Word: Redolent

“Redolent” should remind you of “odor” (in American English, or “Odour” in British English”) – distinctive smell of a place or thing. Imagine the smell of a food item that brings back memories from your childhood.

Word: Recurrent

“Recurrent” should remind you “Recurring” – something that is occurring again and again! Alternatively, “RE-CURRENT” should remind you of getting current shocks again and again! Just get it repaired, you!

Word: Recuperate

“Re-CUPER-ate” should remind you of “SUPER”. Yes! Imagine yourself suffering from some illness when suddenly, after having a miracle drug, you start feeling super! You have thus recuperated from the illness (or a loss a business – whichever may be the case)! Yaay!