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Word: Nettlesome

Nettlesome (Adjective)

Sentence with Context:

Back in 1905, America was the rising power. Britain, then ruler of the waves, was worrying about losing its supremacy to the upstart. Now it is America that looks uneasily on the rise of a potential challenger. A shared cultural and political heritage helped America to eclipse British power without bloodshed, but the rise of Germany and Japan precipitated global wars. President Barack Obama faces a China that is growing richer and stronger while remaining tenaciously authoritarian. Its rise will be far more nettlesome than that of his own country a century ago.

Source: www.economist.com

In anticipation of nettlesome questions about his predecessors, he declined to wear the FIFA-issued headset that provides English-to-French translation. 

Source: www.espn.in

Meaning: Causing annoyance or difficulty


Annoying, Bothersome, Galling, Irritating, Pesky, Pestering, Pestiferous, Teasing, Vexatious, Vexing


Good-natured, Pleasing

Mnemonic (Memory Aid): How To Remember?

Nettle-some” should remind you of “Settle“. Imagine a nettlesome fly that is not allowing to settle and sleep peacefully. The buzzing is throwing you off! Remember thus.

Credits: giphy.com
[Allergies can be nettlesome!]

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