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Word: Gadfly

Gadfly (Noun)

Sentence with Context:

(1) Since its inception 14 years ago in Vancouver, British Columbia, the Greenpeace environmental organization has served as a gadfly on issues ranging from whaling to nuclear testing, from acid rain to the disposal of toxic wastes.

Source: nytimes.com

(2) In a famous passage, Socrates likens himself to a gadfly stinging the lazy horse which is the Athenian state. Without him, Socrates claims, the state is liable to drift into a deep sleep, but through his influence–irritating as it may be to some–it can be wakened into productive and virtuous action.

Source: www.sparknotes.com


(1) An annoying or irritating person

(2) A fly that bites or annoys livestock

Mnemonic (Memory Aid): How To Remember?

The word gadfly contains the word “fly” – the winged insect that flies through air and often annoys us. Thus, gadfly should remind you of an annoying and irritating person who keeps buzzing around!


Annoyer, Irritant, Pesterer, Nuisance, Troublemaker


Comforter, Motivator, Energizer, Charmer, Soother

Credits: giphy.com

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