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Word: Punctilious

Punctilious (Adjective)

Sentence with Context:

Though the artist shows only a small cross section of the landscape, he effectively conveys a setting deep in the mountains, his punctilious brushwork rendering the diverse textures of the rocky crags and the ancient pine tree.

Source: metmuseum.org

Meaning: Attentive towards minute detail

How To Remember?

Punctilious should remind you of punctures – small holes in tyres – that result in the release of air from the tyre. A punctilious person will not permit any such puncture or hole in his or her work that can result in compromising his or her quality of work.


Precise, Proper, Meticulous, Particular, Attentive, Scrupulous, Accurate


Improper, Casual, Informal, Unorganized, Negligent, Careless

Credits: gfycat.com

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