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Word: Poseur

Poseur [Noun]

Sentence: For the record, I don’t think that Professor Ferguson is a racist. I think he’s a poseur. I’m told that some of his straight historical work is very good. When it comes to economics, however, he hasn’t bothered to understand the basics, relying on snide comments and surface cleverness to convey the impression of wisdom. It’s all style, no comprehension of substance. (Source: krugman.blogs.nytimes.com)

Meaning: A person who behaves to be something/someone he/she is actually not

How To Remember?

Poseur” is someone who strikes a pose to impress others. In reality, he/she is very different from what he/she is trying to project.

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Gife Credit: www.tumblr.com

[In a way, we are all poseurs, aren’t we?]

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