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Word: Exuberant

Exuberant [Adjective]

Sentence: By 1987, Mr. Michael had become just fresh, switching personas from soft to hard, from exuberant cheerleader to butch troubadour. (Source: www.nytimes.com)

Meaning: Full of energy, excitement, and cheerfulness; Growing luxuriantly or profusely

How To Remember?

Exuberant” should remind you of the moments when you feel super – full of energy, life and laughter!

Alternatively, think about super ants which are always full of energy to work for their colony, running hither and dither.

Remember thus!


Ebullient; Buoyant; Cheerful; Sunny; Breezy; Jaunty.


Gloomy; Meager; Stunted.

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