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Word: Plaudits

Plaudits [Noun]

Sentence: While Mr. Giuliani’s equal-opportunity approach to justice earned him plaudits from both right and left, his sterling reputation was gradually tarred by charges of overzealousness and a hunger for publicity. (Source: www.nytimes.com)

Meaning: Praise

How To Remember?

Plaudits” should remind you of “Pundits” (experts) who are praised for their knowledge and wisdom by their followers.


Approbation; Praise; Acclaim; Acclamation; Commendation; Congratulations; Encomiums; Approval, Accolades; Compliments; Cheers; Tributes; Salutes; Bouquets.


Condemnation; Criticism.

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Gif Credit: maudit.tumblr.com

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