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Word: Assuage

Assuage [Verb]

Sentence: Oil settled higher on Thursday, as commitments from Gulf OPEC members to cut production assuaged some lingering doubts in the market about cooperation from other producers. (Source: finance.yahoo.com)

Meaning:To make something less painful or severe; To satisfy an appetite or desire

How To Remember?

You assuage by providing assurances about a good future to an aged and weak person. Remember the word “Assuage” using the words “assurance” and “aged“.


Relieve; Ease; Alleviate; Soothe; Mitigate; Dampen; Allay; Calm; Palliate; Abate; Lull; Temper; Suppress; Smother; Stifle; Subdue; Tranquilize; Mollify; Satiate;  Quench; Quell; Overcome.


Aggravate; Intensify.

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Picture Credit: commons.wikimedia.org

[To assuage physical pain, bandages are often used.]

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