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Word: Recondite

Recondite [Adjective]

Sentence: The I.C.I.J. has three computer programmers turned data journalists on its small payroll who give it a better ability to make sense of a great mass of material quickly than most news organization have. What if a future data file is so enormous that significant numbers of high-end computer scientists who are expert in the more recondite realms of machine learning are better suited to find the news in it than anybody a journalism organization could afford to employ? (Source: www.newyorker.com)

Meaning: Not known to or understood by many people

How To Remember?

Suppose you attended a presentation on some exotic topic. The subject is so little known to people that the presenter had to re-conduct the presentation. “Recondite“should remind you of “re-conduct”. Remember thus!


Abstruse; Obscure; Cryptic; Esoteric.

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Picture Credit: in.pinterest.com

[Tax & taxation are recondite subjects for most!]

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