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Word: Reprobate

Reprobate [Noun]

Sentence: The new AU Chairman cannot also legitimately be said to represent the democratic choice and will of the overwhelming majority of Africans, because Mr. Mugabe was not elected by universal suffrage or the popular ballot. Rather, it was just a cynical and rascally band of other equally corrupt African leaders, among them brazen military dictators and ballot snatchers, that appointed one of their own to represent their unenviable class of reprobates. (Source: www.ghanaweb.com)

Meaning: Person having no principles or moral scruples

How To Remember?

Rep-” of “Reprobate” should remind you of a public representative who robs people of their wealth through corruption. The “-rob-” should remind you of the robbing part. A corrupt public representative has no principles or moral scruples. Hope this helps you remember the meaning of the word!

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Picture Credit: atlantablackstar.com

[Black slave owners were all reprobates. In the picture above, we can see a reprobate whipping a poor “black slave”.]

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