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The Market Doesn’t Care

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Picture Credit: clas.wayne.edu

It does not care about your origins or your earnings. It does not care about your connections or your resume. It is not bothered by your failures or amused by your past successes. What it cares about, is your product. Only that. Nothing more.

The market just cares about your product. 

You are only as good as your product. Your product, now. The past products do not mean much to it. Have ideas about future products? Its doesn’t frankly care as long as it can’t see, feel it, taste it. Its the now and the product.

Your product defines you.

The market is cruel. The market is rewarding. It responds according to the value you bring to it. To its consumers.

The Market is fair.

You get to create. You are provided incentives to create. You would be remembered long after you are gone. Maybe not. But who cares? At least you built something. You provided employment maybe to a dozen fellows. Became a job creator instead of being a seeker. There is value in it, isn’t it? Can there be anything more wonderful? To impact the lives of others directly?

Be a Creator. 

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