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Word: Lascivious

Lascivious [Adjective]

Sentence: It’s hard to pinpoint the precise moment at which The Handmaiden, Park Chan-wook’s deviously kinky period thriller, shifts from being a lascivious slice of art-house delirium to a gruelling, dislikable contraption which meretriciously sells out its source material. (Source: www.telegraph.co.uk)

Meaning: Lustful, Salacious

How To Remember?

The “L-” and “-V-” in “L-asci-V-ious” should remind you of lustful Las Vegas! (Yes, Las Vegas is much more than that but hey, the purpose is to remember the word, right? The more shocking, the better!)

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Picture Credit: unnecessaryobservations.com

[This is a screenshot from a low-budget 1958 British movie “Fiend Without a Face” where “invisible, brain-sucking monstrosities” go around killing American soldiers at a US Air Force base. And this is the most lascivious photo that could be used to drive home the word in your memory.]

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