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Word: Bauble

Bauble [Noun]

Sentence: It’s the holiday gift-buying season, of course. But at Harry Winston, where a simple bauble like a diamond pendant necklace costs $50,000, what is more important is that this is Wall Street’s bonus-paying season. Investment bankers and hedge-fund managers receive the bulk of their yearly compensation in a lump sum, and so much money showing up in a bank account overnight can put one in the mood to spend spend spend. (Source: www.nytimes.com)

Meaning: Inexpensive jewellery; Showy trinket or decoration of little value

How To Remember?

Bauble” sounds a lot like “Bubble” – looks cool but has no real value and all it requires to go bust is a prick!


Trinket; Trifle.

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Picture Credit: tusitalka.com

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